September 17, 2021

How to Know if Slot Machine Bonuses are Predetermined

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By all standards, modern slot machines are more entertaining than the old classic reels. Manufacturers follow gaming entertainment trends, and they know it's essential to keep players entertained. As such, they are always looking for new, exciting ways to build their games. This ensures players will always be on the edge of their seats. One of the most reasonable ways to achieve this is infusing some special bonus features into games.

How to Know if Slot Machine Bonuses are Predetermined

Regular player of these slots might have sensed something. The thing is, slots deliver small prizes most times, and it's seldom for players to hit the big ones. Hence, the most common question about slot machines is, are the bonuses predetermined?

Those who know how to play slot games online are not bothered. But for the sake of clarification, if bonuses are predetermined, then there is no point wasting time and money on programmed results. However, this guide will reveal if slot machine bonuses are predetermined or not. Let's dive in.

When Slots Reset or Reboot

Players may notice that when a slot machine has power interruption, resets, or other issues come up, a player's bonus recovers on restarting or resetting the slot. The player gets the same spin stage to the point when the machine was interrupted.

Some gamblers view this occurrence as an indication of predetermined bonuses. However, slots are designed to keep track of the progress of a bonus. This allows it to restore to the same stage where the machine reboots or resets.

This scenario does not mean the machine bonuses are predetermined. How? If the result after the power issues is better than the result before the reset/reboot, players can use this strategy to manipulate slot machines.

Machines That Predetermine Slot Bonuses

Nearly all machines predetermine the bonuses of a slot. Some of them include:

  • Bingo (Class II) Machines: All payouts and bonuses are determined by this machine. Once the game determines the outcome, other scenarios are just camouflage.
  • Historic Horse Racing Machines: A selected and paid-out horse race determines the outcome in this machine. Hence, the final payout is decided, and the bonus is determined too.

Situations Where Bonuses Are Not Predetermined

There are instances where bonuses are expected to play out like real bonuses when the RNG is running. These include:

  • When a game option not picked is revealed: To complement the above explanation, seeing the other options of a game means it's likely not predetermined.
  • Bonuses from free spins: Typically, RNG machines will pay out free spin bonuses using the RNG. As a confirmation, bettors see something like this (or similar) on the machine, "Bonus Reels in Play." Thus, manufacturers use the bonus reel to determine if a bonus needs to have different possible outcomes.

Final Verdict

While some players think it's unfair to have predetermined bonuses, RNG-based games are the determinants. Over time, they use the pay tables and math to determine what a game will pay and its bonus. Players can’t predict a time when bonus timing will change on an RNG machine. However, with time, predetermined bonuses pay a certain amount. As such, trying to know whether a bonus is predetermined or not is only a brain exercise.

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