January 14, 2022

How to pick the best online slot

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We must agree that despite their widespread popularity, picking an online slot is never that easy. Find out more here at SlotsRank all you should know when it comes to playing online casino games.

How to pick the best online slot

It’s always wise to know some basics of an online slot before you pick it and play the online slots game.

And talking of online casino games, NetEnt, one of the top-rated casino content suppliers, adds to its fold Starburst. Starburst promises to be one of the best online casino games players will ever have in their lifetime.

The coming in of online casinos has brought about quite a transformation in the gambling world. By and large, online slots are nowadays the in-thing for a majority of casino enthusiasts. This is more so in the sense that with online slots, players experience a highly thrilling gaming experience while enjoying an array of casino games. 

NetEnt has quite an array of the best of these online casino games. Starburst by NetEnt is one of the online casino games where we get the ultimate gaming experience.

What matters?

A casino lobby has thousands of online slots. Remember that the choice of an online slot is the critical determinant of the gaming experience. Here we look at some of the key components that make an online slot one to be desired. These are:

• The Return to Player, RTP, Percentage
• Volatility
• Bonuses and bonus features
• Jackpot  

NetEnt promises to get online players a satisfying gaming experience, which we find in some of the casino games they avail their patrons. One of these you will do well trying out is Starburst.

Return to play, RTP, pertcentage

Return to Play percentage refers to the chance of a player landing a winning combination. Others call it the payback frequency. Any player will get worked up when they do so many spins with no pay at all. To help avoid such in an online gaming experience, think of the online slots with a high return to play percentage.


This index influences the regularity with which casino players get their payouts. To have the most of the online slot gaming session, consider an online slot with the lowest volatility. Always strive to settle for an online slot with the lowest volatility and the highest return to play percentage.

Extremely volatile slots will see your credits wiped in no time. Starburst from NetEnt is one of the online slots with the lowest volatility while giving you the highest return to play percentage.

Bonus rounds and features

While you may have struck such a perfect balance for your online slots in so far as volatility index and RTP go, you will still not have made the perfect choice for an online slot anyway. 

You must, of necessity, also have factored bonus rounds and bonus features to ensure that your choice of an online slot will be the most ideal. Look for the free spins, bonus rounds, wilds, and scatters. With these, you are sure you will be playing on the online slot for a while.


Jackpot is the other aspect of an online slot that one should check before going for the particular slot.

Check out here for a list of the slots you will find from NetEnt, their latest release Starburst being one of those you will find here.

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