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Bonus rounds8.0
Total score7.7
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Aloha Island is a tropical paradise themed slot machine, with a focus on Hawaii obviously. The topic is one that plenty of people would want to experience, especially when they’re nowhere close to their vacation time, and it has the capacity to relax the player a little bit, showing him places where he would want to be. Aloha Island is a game which manages to place a total of 50 active lines, on just 5x3 reels. The big prize offered inside will reach a value of $50,000, as long as you’ve got the right bet in place. You have free spins, scatters, wild symbols and wild reels as well, all of them things that should make the game more profitable.

Aloha Island

Betting requirements

Bet wise, you will not have the option to change the number of active lines, so the resulting bets will always have 50 coins in them. The coin value is the only part that can be modified, and only within the available range, which is between $0.01 and $10. In the end, you can spend between $0.50 and $500 for every single spin.

Theme & Design

The theme is the Hawaiian paradise, the islands that a lot of people dream about getting to visit at some point. You can see it in the design, both in the background image and in the symbols which were selected. The background shows the tropical island, with the top of palm trees visible, along with the clear blue sky. The logo has flowers around it, as well as a colorful parrot placed right next to it. For the actual symbols, Bally included a couple of images of logos as feature triggers, plus things that you’d find in the ocean or on a beach, things like fish, pearls, shells, parrots and even native sailboats. They couldn’t resist the temptation to add stock poker cards for low paying symbols, which is obviously not the greatest idea. Overall, the graphics of Aloha Island look decent, enough for a player to be able to enjoy them and the idea of the tropical island. It’s not a great design though, and you should definitely be able to find more convincing looking slots out there, with the exact same focus on Hawaii and on beautiful islands.

Special Features

Look towards the wild symbol if you want to land the biggest prize that Aloha Island can deliver. You can win $50,000 at most with it, which is a 5,000x return on your line bet. If you can’t get enough wilds to form combinations with them, you can still have them in their usual role of substitutes. Just land wild symbols exactly where they’re needed, and they will help you get paid. You still can’t use them to replace scatter symbols though, which is what happens in almost all slots that have them. The game will place a wild reel, at random, during each spin. You get three stacked wilds on that reel, and they can be quite helpful. The scatter’s image is that of the beach, with the Free Games logo in front. It’s a symbol that you can pretty much use no matter where it lands, and it can do two things for you. One of those things is that it can give you a prize, whenever you have three or four symbols visible on the reels. The other is that it’s a trigger for the free spins. You only get 5 free spins. The reels are different from those available during paid spins. Each new scatter symbol that you land will add an additional free game. The payouts seem to be triple those from the base game, according to the paytable.

Aloha Island


The ultimate prize here is the one that the wild Aloha logo can get you. With a combination of five symbols you can get a reward of 5,000x, up to $50,000 being up for grabs this way. Though the regular combinations pay a lot better during free spins, the wild symbol’s payout remains the same even at that stage. A 94.02% average RTP is expected while playing Aloha Island. The number is just an average though, and you can get above or below it easily. It is also not that great, though it’s in line with the usual Bally offer.


Based on what Aloha Island has to offer, I’d say that it’s only an average title right now. Modern games tend to look better than this, have just as good features or better, plus their RTP tends to be higher. Overall, Aloha Island doesn’t give you enough reasons to play it.

Aloha Island

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