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7up! is Endorphina’s idea of a modern days slot machine that has a classic layout. It’s not something that hasn’t been tried before, on the contrary, and I’ve seen plenty of examples where the design ended up much better than in this particular game. Still, if you’re looking for simpler games to play, with fruit inspired symbols, then you might as well check out the review and see what the slot can offer. You get here about what you’d expect from any 3 reel slot machine. It gives you 5 active lines with which you can work. There is a bonus feature of sorts, which seems to be rather difficult to trigger, but which can bring you big multipliers, even of up to 7x. In theory, the wins of 7up! can get as high as $350,000.


Betting requirements

The wagers of 7up! appear to be slightly more advanced than those from most classics. In addition to the selection of up to 5 active lines, you will also be able to use up to 10 coins for every single one of them. The credit value is the final one that you have control over, and you can change it by clicking on the upper left corner value, the one next to the Credits display. The maximum bet that you can have covering a spin is going to be worth $50, each line getting up to $10.

Theme & Design

The 7 is an important number for this slot machine, but it’s not the only one that signals the presence of a classic theme. The classic slot machines would often use these 7s as symbols, though usually in red and not in purple like here. Other symbols which were added to the reels in the old slots included logos that had the word BAR on them, along with gold stars and fruits. In terms of fruits, you mostly get the expected ones, so the fruits that have images of watermelon, or an orange, a strawberry, a lemon, a grape or of two cherries. These are all classic symbols, so it’s not a surprise that they are offered in a 3 reel slot machine. On the other hand, though the theme is appropriate for this kind of 3 reel layout, the design quality didn’t have to be as low as it is. The graphics are advanced enough right now, that most modern slots look the part and are a lot more fun to look at than the 3 reel games. Endorphina didn’t pour as much effort into 7up! as it did into their slots with 5 reels. The quality of the symbols is very low, especially the ones showing us fruits. The three reels are huge, occupying the entire game area, which doesn’t help make it appealing either.

Special Features

Even classic slot machines can sometimes have some features, usually wild symbols and multipliers. This particular slot doesn’t have the feature that you’d expect, but in certain cases you’re still going to be able to trigger certain multipliers. It’s not one that seems to be easy to get though. The only major feature that 7up! offers is the 7UP Bonus, which you can trigger only when you have all three reels filled with symbols of a single type. With 9 matching symbols taking over all positions, you will get five winning combinations out of this slot, plus the feature that I already mentioned. The bonus game gives you 7 attempts at triggering a multiplier, which will then be used on the wins that you already got that round. The multiplier in question can get up to 7x. The multiplier is not guaranteed though, and the bonus game can end without you getting one. If you do get a symbol that is not a multiplier, then you win a prize and the multiplier becomes guaranteed, with the feature continuing until you get one.



The big payout of 7up! is the one offered by the 7 symbol, when forming its combination of up to 10,000 coins. It’s going to have a value of up to $10,000. The absolute best case scenario will involve having five combinations of 7 symbols formed, paying $50,000, with the bonus game providing a 7x multiplier to get it to $350,000. The theoretical RTP that is offered by Endorphina in the 7up! slot machine is mentioned to be at 96%, a good number that makes this a classic slot machine worth checking out.


As I said above, the graphics and the theme that was chosen for 7up! are not exactly impressive or unique, and they wouldn’t give you a good reason to play the slot on their own. The theoretical RTP is good though, and if you enjoy a simpler slot then you should know that this game can pay as well as any of the modern titles.


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