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The word inferno has a negative connotation. It is often used for describing something destructive.

But when talking about the Jackpot Inferno slot, people should even forget the word negative. Why? Because Jackpot Inferno destroys nothing, instead it helps build things. Specifically, the bankroll.

This post will cover symbols, bonuses, amount & bonuses, and theme. Let’s start with symbols.


The game has various symbols. Some of the symbols are of retro design and others are modern. Here are some of the fun and amazing symbols.

  • Bonus symbol (it offers free spins)
  • Seven symbols
  • Heart
  • Lemon
  • Cherries
  • Crown
  • Wild symbol
  • Jackpot Inferno Logo (it’s used for triggering a jackpot)


There are two types of bonuses in Jackpot Inferno. One is Jackpot Inferno Progressive Pick, and the second is the Free Spins.

First, let’s talk about the Jackpot Inferno Progressive Pick Feature

Jackpot Inferno Progressive Pick

This feature is triggered when a player lands 5 or more Jackpot Inferno Logo symbols in a single spin. Once this feature is triggered, the player is taken to a “pick em” screen.

On this screen, the player will be shown various symbols. The player can select a total of 12 symbols (which is recommended for getting the highest progressive).

The good thing about the Progressive Pick is, it allows the player to place a bet at any amount. The progressive rewards depend on the amount of the bet.

Free Spins

As anyone can tell by reading the name, the rewards of this bonus are free spins.

Hitting this bonus is much easier than the previous one. The player must land at least 3 bonus symbols in a single spin.

If the player lands more symbols, they’ll get more spins. Here are the requirements and rewards of the Free Spins feature.

  • 3 symbols = 6 spins and 2x bets
  • 4 symbols = 10 spins and 5x bets
  • 5 symbols = 20 spins and 10x bets

The Jackpot Inferno Logo does not appear during free spins.

Amount and bonuses

The minimum betting amount is 0.30 coins and the highest betting amount is 3.00 coins.

The lowest bonus is worth 250 coins and the highest bonus is worth 500 coins. It’s worth noting 500 coins can’t be earned in a single spin.

The maximum bonus for a single spin depends on various factors. Betting amounts, progressive jackpot, free spins, and symbols all play a hand.


The game has a retro/modern theme. Most of the designs (%70+) have a modern look. It covers most of the colors, boxes, and buttons.

The retro look is mainly present because of the symbols (fruits and sevens).


Jackpot Inferno has a modern/retro theme. There are two types of bonuses: 1. Jackpot Inferno Progressive Pick. 2. Free Spins.

The total number of symbols is 8. As for the betting amount, it starts from 0.03 coins and goes up to 3.00 coins. Finally, the bonuses start from 250 coins and go up to 500 coins.

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