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Cashville is one of the oldest games that Microgaming has to offer right now, being originally launched in 2005. It has been remade at some point, so you’re not getting the old graphics from back then, and it can do pretty well against modern titles. The game’s focus on cash and on rich people is not overly unique, but Microgaming did do it a bit differently here. The game’s offer consists of a layout which has 5 reels and 20 lines, plus features that give you scatters, wilds and bonus games, so it’s a pretty good spread overall. The rewards are spectacular, at least when it comes to the amounts that are mentioned, which reach values of up to 50,000x the line bet.

Betting requirements

The bets are going to be made up of three components, each being modified by the player as needed. One of the things to change here is the coin value, the first one from the left, with the range for it being from $0.01 to $1. The number of lines is next, but I’d suggest you leave this one to 20, the maximum possible. Finally, you get to pick the number of coins to be used for each of those 20 lines, between 1 and 10 being possible. You can wager up to 200 coins per spin, with a value of $200, or you can go with one that is as small as $0.01 if you just want to see how the game looks like.

Theme & Design

The theme in Cashville revolves around four billionaires, each one with a different background and look. You have Bill Bullion for example, which seems to be relying on gold. Dame Von Deeds has deeds, Sir Sterling has cash and coins, while Betty Boodle appears to have jewelry and cash. Each of the four characters has its own symbol, with a certain color to represent it in the background. For each one there will be a lower paying symbol as well, with the same color as a focus and with valuables and objects to represent them. The four billionaires are high paying symbols in this game, the lower paying ones having the images of the currencies and stocks in which they keep their riches. The other three major symbols of this slot are the various logos which will grant you access to the features. I wouldn’t call this game overly realistic or attractive, but it has its good points and overall it’s not a game to walk away from because of the way it looks. If you enjoy everything else about it, the graphics will not be the ones to push you away. On the other hand, I wouldn’t call it a modern looking design either, at least not if you compare it with some of the slots that are coming out these days.

Special Features

There are three different sections in the feature list of Cashville, all of them common for slot machines, but also a welcome sight since it’s always great to have all three in the same place. I’m talking about the scatters, about wilds and about bonus games, each one contributing to your enjoyment of this slot. The free spins are the only ones that are missing here. The wild symbol would be the one I would mention first, and the reason would be that you can use it as a substitute, but mostly because it can pay incredibly well, up to 50,000x the line bet. The downside would be from its substitution ability, which is only usable when combined with one of the four low paying symbols. It can’t be a replacement for one of the symbols that will pay up to 10,000x, or for the scatters. The scatter symbol, showing an S logo made out of gold, is used here only to get you prizes, which will vary between 8 and 300 times the wager, for three to five symbols in view somewhere on the reels. That seems to be the only use that the game has for this scatter, since it doesn’t offer a feature. The Bonus symbol is the one to get you access to a bonus feature, where you can pick one of the four billionaires, in order to play their feature. You get the bonus game by landing three to five symbols with the Bonus logo, anywhere on the reels, so it’s a scatter as well. The maximum wins possible inside will reach 60,000 coins.


The ultimate reward in Cashville will come via the Wild Logo, the symbol that forms combinations directly that can pay up to 50,000x. With a maximum bet in place, this combo can get you paid up to $500,000. There are also four different high paying symbols with the billionaires, which will give rewards of 10,000x, so up to $100,000 each one. With the kind of rewards that are possible inside, I honestly expected the average RTP to be higher than the 95.99% that it sits at, but even so it is a good number that will give you reason to play the slot.


Cashville has withstood the years pretty well, and it remains a popular and fun choice in Microgaming’s collection of slot machines.

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