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Kathmandu is the name of this game, but it is also what Nepal’s capital city is called. The connection is obvious in this case, the slot being themed around Nepal and its customs. With maps, elephants, temples and large palaces being among the things shown on the reels, it’s the kind of look that you would want to see if you loved travel. The actual implementation of the design is not that great though, as you will find out in this review. The other areas of the game are a mixed bag as well. On one hand, you have a simple layout, relying on only 9 lines for its 5 reels. On the other hand, we also get jackpots of up to $60,000 in the base game, with the possibility of getting up to $300,000. Various features contribute to it, with scatters, wilds, free spins and up to 5x multipliers being on the list.

Betting requirements

You might not have a lot of lines to cover, only 9, but the game does love to give you plenty of coins to use on them. Every single line allows you to use up to 20 coins on it, and since the denomination reaches $0.50, the line bet gets up to $10. You can have maximum bets of $90 for each round. Games with few lines will generally not be as exciting as those that have a lot of them. For this game, you only get 9 chances to form a combo, while another slot will have 20 or 30 each spin. On the other hand, you wager more if there are more lines and you want to have them all covered.

Theme & Design

Sporting a travel theme, with a focus on Nepal and on its capital city, Kathmandu has some charming images to show off on its reels, of buildings, elephants and people from the country. I’m not aware of any other developer using this particular theme, so this is the only title that can offer you an experience that is related to Nepal. They went for the traditional look, with major symbols having images of bells, of palaces, temples, maps and others. They also were a bit lazy at the end, and so the list also includes a number of stock poker letters/numbers. As for the actual design quality, it’s not that high, and I for one didn’t like it. The relevant symbols look like they were taken from a lower quality comic book maybe. They are charming because of the things that they’re showing you, but they could’ve done a better job at it. If you also add those boring poker icons, the image only gets worse.

Special Features

I haven’t found anything truly surprising in the feature section, but even though they didn’t innovate with it, they did make sure to give them some appeal with the help of multipliers that can improve your day significantly. A regular wild symbol is going to deliver the big prize of the slot, sitting at 6,000x when you have a combo of five such symbols on one of the 9 lines. The game uses wild symbols as replacements as well, though not for the scatters. I found that the scatter symbol is even more exciting. It might not have the same big payout that the wild has, but it does open the road for a big reward, by triggering free spins with big multipliers. You can get a prize out of the scatter when it is visible in at least two positions. The best ones, of up to 100x the wager, will come when you have all five in view. The game does offer free spins, 15 rounds total, and with multipliers for their wins going as high as 5x. You can get the free spins to retrigger, once and with an additional 15 rounds. There is one additional wild symbol that is used during free spins, alongside the regular one. The wilds can act as replacements for all other symbols, even for the other wild, but they still can’t help out with the scatters. The rewards offered by the extra wild don’t come close to what the regular one can give you though.


The ultimate payout of the game comes through the wild symbol, and it is at 6,000x during paid spins. With the value of the line bet at $10, the reward can get to $60,000 in this case. Let’s not forget the free spins and the multipliers of up to 5x possible inside though, since they can get the jackpot to a value of $300,000. We’ve learned that the slot’s RTP is at 96.29%, which is a good number, in line with most slots available from Microgaming.


Kathmandu has the right idea with its theme, Microgaming showing us here something that we can’t see in other slot machines. The RTP is not giving us a reason to skip it, but it doesn’t make it a must play title either. If you can get past the average looking graphics, it’s a game that is worth checking out.

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