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The Finer Reels of Life


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The Finer Reels of Life’s title hints at its theme, and its focus on the luxury market, which is the one providing us with the finer things in life. Being able to afford these fine things on a regular basis is not something that’s available to most people, so we’re looking at a luxury themed slot machine, which focuses on expensive objects, foods and drinks that the richer people can afford all the time. With 243 ways to win offered to its players, the game has 5 reels in total and they will spin to give you top payouts of $7,500. The more regular features available are the wilds and scatter symbols, but the game also delivers a multiplier, a Wild Celebration bonus feature, plus four different Finer Features themed free spins, which can be unlocked in time.

The Finer Reels of Life

Betting requirements

The game pretends to have 30 active lines each spin, for the sake of making betting easier. In actuality, you will discover that it has 243 ways to win, all of them active thanks to your bets on those 30 lines. The lines can receive a maximum of 5 coins each, and with denominations which start at $0.01 and can reach $0.20. At most, you can spend $1 per line, or $30 total, by using as many as 150 coins.

Theme & Design

A lot of luxury themed slot machines will just show you expensive objects, like private jets, yachts and sports cars. The Finer Reels of Life actually seems to focus on things that you enjoy and consume, many of its symbols having things like champagne flutes, coffee with chocolates, red wine with cheese, whiskey with cigars, or chocolates. Logos and diamonds are used among the higher paying/feature symbols as well. For the less important symbols, we got six Royals, ranging from the 9 to the Ace. What I especially appreciated about this game is the quality of the design, and the fact that it actually looks luxurious and expensive, even though you’re just shown foods and drinks that could be enjoyed at home by any of us (a bottle of wine, even a moderately expensive one, is easier to get than a sports car). The entire design looks elegant and worthy of the title, which is something that I appreciate about the game.

Special Features

I found the list of features from this game to be pretty good. The action takes place on ways to win, not lines, so forming combinations and taking advantage of wild symbols is easier than in other titles. Speaking of that wild symbol, it’s the one that gives you the logo of the slot. It’s a symbol that can pay very well, up to 1,500x (7,500 coins), when forming combinations with other wilds. It’s also a substitute in many other cases, when it appears next to a regular symbol. The wild symbol can be used as a substitute, yes, but even better, it doubles wins that you form with its help. It’s not a replacement for the scatter unfortunately. Wild Celebration is another feature that you can get, a random one that can start up at any moment, transforming up to five reels into wilds. It has huge potential, particularly if you get all those reels transformed. It could end up getting you up to 243 combinations of 5 wilds, each one paying up to $1,500. Finally, we have the main feature to talk about, the one called Finer Features. It is triggered through the presence of 3 to 5 scattered Bonus Stars, which will also pay up to 250x the wager at the same time. Each time you trigger Finer Features, you get closer to unlocking another type of free spins. The first time you trigger Finer Features, you will get the Coffee & Chocolate feature from it. It consists of 10 free spins, where the wins are all multiplied by 5x. Once you’ve triggered it at least five times, you will start being offered the next feature, called Wine & Cheese. This one has 15 free spins for you, complemented by the Wild Wine feature, which adds extra wilds to the reels. The third feature will be unlocked at the 10th trigger of Finer Features. It’s dedicated to Whisky and Cigars and it has 20 free spins, where the Burning Wilds can turn symbols at random into multipliers of 3x or 2x, with a total of 6x possible this way. The fourth and final step is the one called Champagne & Diamonds, which you can trigger once you had Finer Features at least fifteen times. It has 25 free games for you, along with Rolling Reels where the consecutive wins get multipliers of up to 5x.

The Finer Reels of Life


If you look at the base game, the best payout should be the one that you get from the scattered Bonus Star, right before it takes you to the Finer Features. It pays up to 250x the wager, so up to 37,500 coins, or $7,500 cash. Regular combinations have up to $1,500 to offer, though multipliers from free spins can take them up to $9,000. A 96% average RTP makes The Finer Reels of Life a game that is in line with Microgaming’s usual offer, and it’s a pretty good number for a slot machine.


I think that this is one of the more interesting luxury themed slot machines that you will find, especially since it’s not a typical one and it focuses more on things that you can taste, rather than those that you see.

The Finer Reels of Life

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