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Thunderstruck is the first game from Microgaming to sport this name, and it’s an older title of theirs at the same time. It was so popular among their players at the time, that they designed a second slot machine based on it. For now though, let’s take a look at the original. The theme for it is that of the Northern mythology, and it seems dedicated to Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. This game has only 9 lines active, and it shows in the layout as well that it’s an older title. It has 5 reels of course, that part didn’t change much when it comes to modern slot machines. You seem to be getting a chance to win up to $100,000, with the right combination of symbols present. As features, the game uses the wild symbol, a multiplier, scatters and free spins.


Betting requirements

You will have between 1 and 45 coins to use in your bets, depending on the number of lines that are active and on how many coins you select for each one. You can use 9 lines each round, and up to 5 coins may be wagered in each case. Your final choice is in regard to those coins, as you can get the denomination from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum value of $2. You can end up spending $10 on each line if you want to, with a total of $90 possible.

Theme & Design

Thunderstruck’s title hints at the thunder of the gods, and it is associated with quite a few images from the game’s symbols. The images show us Thor, the realm in which he lives and things like drinking horns or his hammer. For starters, you have the image of the blonde Nordic warrior, of Thor. Next, there are two rams shown together in a symbol which can act as a scatter. The regular symbols begin with Mjolnir, then the hammer’s handle in Thor’s hand, a castle surrounded by lightning, lightning coming down from the clouds, a gold decorated drinking horn, plus six yellow poker icons. The design doesn’t exactly scream quality these days, when there are so many impressive options to choose from. It’s an old game though, and so it is to be expected. It was quite popular in its time, and if you want a better design you’re probably better off trying out Thunderstruck II.

Special Features

There is nothing extraordinary about the features which Microgaming implemented in Thunderstruck slot. They’re still better than the average ones, especially since they’re not shy about using multipliers on more than one occasion. One of the major features and symbols in this game is the one coming via the Thor icon. As a wild symbol, it will be used to form combinations in certain situations, when it is on the same line as matching regular icons. Wild symbols have an extra power in this game, where they also act as multipliers when they’re used in their substitute roles. Having a wild symbol in a combination will result in a payout worth twice as much as a regular one. Wild symbols are only used as substitutes for the regular symbols, so scatters are excluded. The game pays extremely well in certain situations, and by far the best ones you could be in are the ones where you have five Thor wilds together, since rewards of up to 10,000x are offered then. The second most important feature and symbol that you will have in Thunderstruck is the one that shows you two rams. The symbol is a scatter, and so based on the number of times that it pops up on the reels, you can expect to get rewards which are worth anywhere between 2 and 500 times what the bet was. While cash rewards can come to you when you land as few as two symbols, for the free spins the minimum requirement is for three symbols to be present. Having those 3+ Rams scatters present will get you 15 free games, where you will have all wins tripled, even the top jackpot. You can re-trigger the free spins, with the help of another set of 3+ scattered Rams.



By far, the best possible payout in Thunderstruck will be the one coming via the Thor symbol. A combination of five wilds on a line can pay up to $100,000 in the base game, or up to $300,000 during free spins. The Return To Player percentage in Thunderstruck is at 96%, so you will find that it can pay just as well as a new title from this developer.


If you look at the RTP alone, Thunderstruck might not be a great choice, since its graphics are on the old side and it loses the battle there. Otherwise though, it does very well, and if you want a slot with a huge top prize, then this can be a very good choice.

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