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Bridesmaids is a branded slot machine, not just any bridal themed game, being based on a 2011 comedy film that was quite popular at the time, not to mention that it was appreciated for the quality of the acting as well, being nominated for a couple of different awards. The slot machine is the kind that will use images of the actors, real photos, and not just logos and the like. There are plenty of things to recommend Bridesmaids, as you will find out yourself, but one of those is the fact that it has plenty of features and a high RTP, of 97%. As features, it gives you scatters, a Wheel Bonus, Cupcake Boosters, free spins and bonus games, as well as stacked wilds. It’s a slot machine with 5 reels, 4 symbols on each one, plus a total of 40 active lines for them. The top prize will get up to $30,000.


Betting requirements

Bridesmaids is the kind of game that keeps all its lines active, so there is no option to reduce that number, and to have only some of them covered. You can pick the number of coins to be used per line though, with a maximum of 15 being possible. You also choose what the coin size should be like, with the range offered for it being from $0.01 to $0.50. You can wager up to $7.50 per line, and up to $300 total.

Theme & Design

Bridesmaids was created by Microgaming, as a slot machine which is based on a film that was released in 2011 by Universal Pictures. The license allows Microgaming to use real photos of the various actors that were part of the film, and so among the symbols you will notice images of all six female characters, from Lillian, to Annie, Helen, Megan, Rita and Becca. There is also an image with all of them together, others with lotus flowers or cupcakes, and then finally four card suits icons, which are not relevant to the theme. The developers weren’t shy about using a lot of pink in the design of this slot machine. You have a wallpaper like background behind the reels. The reels are surrounded by a diamond border, with pink reels that have the symbols that I mentioned already. The design quality appears to be on the high side, for most of the symbols anyway. The photos of the various bridesmaids come in single or stacked versions. The only ones that don’t look particularly attractive are the card suit icons.

Special Features

You’re going to be pretty happy with the feature offer in Bridesmaids, being enough different options for you not to get bored too quickly. The first one that you’re probably going to notice is the stacked wild symbol, the only one to have an image with all six girls together in one picture and with the logo at the top. This symbol, as a wild, is going to be part of the various combinations that you’re forming in the game, the regular ones at least. You can’t have it substitute for the scatter. On the other hand, it can offer one of the bigger prizes of the slot, paying up to $4,500 when appearing on five positions of the same line. As a stacked symbol, it usually pays on multiple win lines at the same time, since it’s rare to get it only on one position on all reels. One other feature symbol is offered, a beautiful Cupcake which has a flower on it. It’s a symbol that will get you paid very well, as much as $30,000 if you land up to five of them on the reels. The position of the scatters is not as important, as their total number is. You need a minimum of three scatters, to get a Wheel Bonus feature as well, in addition to a cash prize (which needs just 2+ symbols). The Wheel Bonus will be a feature where you can gain access to one of the two available bonus games, or to one of the two types of free spins. You can also land Cupcake Boosters, which will increase certain prizes by 2x or 3x. The Friendship Free Spins have 10 rounds for you, where the combinations are going to form both ways. The various symbols with the bridesmaids are going to be stacked on certain reels, and one of them is also a wild for two of the others. The Flying High Free Spins also give you 10 rounds for free, during which you will get the Rolling Reels feature, plus Growing Wilds which increase your chances with each new round. The first of the two possible bonus games is called Boutique, and it asks you to match the bridesmaids, in order to get cash and multipliers. You can get a bigger payout by taking longer to find the matching symbols, but that’s just a luck thing, not something that you can control. The second feature is Magic Moments, where you make picks and you get payouts. If you find the carrot, the feature will end. With some luck on your side, you can get up to 10 cash prizes from just as many moments.



There is a top prize of $30,000 that you get via the scatter symbol, when appearing five times in a round where you’re using a $300 wager. It’s only a 100x total bet reward. The RTP is at a pretty high average, at 97% apparently, which is an excellent number for a slot machine. The titles with RTPs at that level are very rare.


If you can stand the amount of pink and girly colors used in the game, it’s going to be a fun title to play, with high RTP and enjoyable features. It does have a certain audience in mind, so the design is not going to be enjoyed by everyone.


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