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High 5


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High 5 is as close to classic slot machine territory as you can get in terms of design, while the features offered in it are perhaps a bit more modern. The look of the game is a pretty basic one though, and it will remind you of games that were considered top of the line perhaps decades ago. It’s a Microgaming slot machine. As a classic slot machine, High 5 will have 3 reels and 1 active line. You will be able to go after payouts of up to $75,000, and along the way you will discover that wild symbols and multipliers of up to 25x will be possible and will help you increase the value of the smaller wins as well.

High 5

Betting requirements

For the betting requirements, you will find that the game can get going and spin its three reels with just one coin selected, since it has only one active line. You can increase the number of coins to three though, which will give you better payouts. The value of these coins is anywhere between $0.25 and $5, so the complete betting range of High 5 is between $0.25 and $15.

Theme & Design

The theme is a simple one, a classic when it comes to 3 reel slot machines. You’re looking at a game whose only major symbol has a logo to represent it, while all the others are seen in every classic title that is released. You have images of red 7s, of Bar 7s, cherries, plus the three types of Bar symbols, with stacks of one to three on top of each other. As you can see, there isn’t much to hold your interest while you play this game. The graphics are on the low end of the quality slide, and they’re just going to look like the ones that you could expect from a regular pub slot. Microgaming can definitely do better, but they seem to have wanted to simulate that older look for this game. Even a 3 reel title can be made to look modern these days, as other developers have demonstrated, but High 5 can’t be described that way.

Special Features

For the features that are included in High 5, you can expect to find wilds, which are pretty common in classic titles these days, but on top of that there will also be some impressive multipliers that can help you out. For the wild symbol, we’re looking at the High 5 Logo, which is shown at the top of the paytable. Its position there indicates that it can offer the biggest payouts in this game. Depending on the number of coins which you’re using for the only available line, you can get paid up to 2,000 coins (one coin wager), 5,000 coins (two coins) or 15,000 coins (three coins). There is a huge bonus payout in the top jackpot, when you use the maximum number of coins, so I’d recommend you always use three. The wild symbol doesn’t just form combinations of its own. As its name suggests, it can act as a wild as well, as a substitute for other regular symbols. It will help them form their own, by appearing either once or twice on the active line. You will discover that multipliers will be applied by every single wild that you get in the combo. A single wild symbol will multiply your win by 5x, while with two wilds you get a combined multiplier of 25x. It’s a nice thrill when you get such a high multiplier to help you out, but keep in mind that the regular winning combinations have very low payouts normally, up to 180 coins the best one. With 25x multipliers, they could get to 4,500 coins, which would be about 30% of the value of the top jackpot. Still, it makes the game more interesting and fun to have such features.


The jackpot is going to have a value that goes up to 15,000 coins, in exchange for a wager of three coins and a combo of three High 5 logos on the line. With the coin value getting to $5, you can be rewarded with up to $75,000 cash. The slot has an impressive RTP, of 97.43%, and this should make it a must play title for anyone that’s into classic titles, or they just want to maximize their odds of walking away with a profit.


High 5 doesn’t have high quality graphics unfortunately, but otherwise it offers quite a bit to players, in terms of features, top payouts and average RTP.

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